At last and from now on :  Max Rpm is here with You, for You , and only by means to get You smile again !

Mind-boggling stories of a certain Team on its journey to the season 2009 !

All the names of people, places or anything else named here, are fiction.

However, in these stories there may be some happenings, cases or something else which may feel  familiar to You too, so be careful...

Read these stories only if :

-You understand that by reading anything from here, You only are responsible of all the consequences or coinsidences which may come out after reading

-You are very certain not to take any vegetables into Your nose

For the people from outside of London :

Luethan vain ja ainoastaan :

-ottamalla täyden vastuun lukemisen jälkeisistä reaktioistasi

-sitoutumalla tyhjiin sieraimiin myös lukemis-tapahtuman jälkeen

Please have a happy time and just try to understand what the hell is happening out there ! 

Otsikon hakukenttä 

Näyttö # 
# Artikkelin otsikko Päiväys
1 Max Aqut tiistai, 22. syyskuu 2009
2 WTF torstai, 13. elokuu 2009
3 On The Rod -part 5 maanantai, 23. helmikuu 2009
4 Out of Talli -part 4 perjantai, 20. helmikuu 2009
5 Körmy powerbox Tuned -part 3 perjantai, 20. helmikuu 2009
6 Körmy powerbox From Daffi To Talli - part 2 torstai, 19. helmikuu 2009
7 Max Rpm, The Beginning tiistai, 17. helmikuu 2009

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